Calendric Dominion (Part 6)

Countdown At the beginning of the 21st century, global cultural hegemony is on the move. For roughly 500 years, Western — and later more specifically Anglophone — societies and agencies have predominantly guided the development of the current world system. As their economic pre-eminence wanes, their cultural and political influence can be expected to undergo … Continue reading Calendric Dominion (Part 6)

Calendric Dominion (Part 5)

From Crimson Paradise to Soft Apocalypse Despite its modernity and decimalism, the French calendrier républicain or révolutionnaire had no Year Zero, but it re-set the terms of understanding. A topic that had been conceived as an intersection of religious commemoration with astronomical fact became overtly ideological, and dominated by considerations of secular politics. The new calendar, which … Continue reading Calendric Dominion (Part 5)

Calendric Dominion (Part 2)

Caesar with the soul of Christ Political Correctness has tacitly legislated against the still-prevailing acronyms that define the hegemonic international calendar (BC-AD), and proposed clear alternatives (BCE-CE). Both the criticism and the suggestion are entirely consistent with its principles. In accordance with the tenets of multiculturalism (a more recent and also more active hegemony), it extends … Continue reading Calendric Dominion (Part 2)